Why Criterion A?

Criterion A is the part of the diagnosis for PTSD that refers to the traumatic event that triggers the reaction. Criterion A Psychology provides services to people following traumatic events. We are a flexible company designed to meet complex needs. Contact us with your enquiry.

About Criterion A Psychology Services

Why Criterion A? Criterion A refers to the traumatic event that can elicit a PTSD reaction. We specialise in providing solutions to people affected by traumatic events. 

Criterion A Psychology Services was established to meet demand for experienced clinical psychologists to provide services to people around the world who have been or are involved with traumatic events. We provide expert witness, training and consultation and treatment.

We operate by having a bank of staff who are recruited for specific projects as well as core contracted staff.

Criterion A Psychology Services was created by Dr. Brock Chisholm. Dr. Chisholm has extensive experience in working with victims of trauma. He has provided expert witness to several high profile cases and has provided evidence based psychological intervention to many people suffering complex reactions to traumatic events. He is trained in EMDR, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Narrative Exposure Therapy.

Individual psychological therapy is not sufficient for many survivor’s of trauma. That is why Criterion A provides a comprehensive service that can include social support, massage, osteopathy, exercise and behavioural activation. We devise comprehensive treatment packages for complicated presentations.

Dr. Brock Chisholm is on the list of experts for the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative hosted by The Stabilisation Unit under the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The initiative was created by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and promoted by UN special envoy Angelina Jolie.

We are always interested in experienced clinicians who would like to join our bank of staff. Please contact us with your CV if you would be interested in working with us.  



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Criterion A Psychology Services Limited is registered as a private limited company at Companies House. Company number 08359450