We are proud to collaborate with Forrest Medico-Legal Services who, like us, provide a high standard of medico-legal reports for victims of alleged human rights abuses.

Dr Brock Chisholm is delighted to announce the formation of a newly created charity, Trauma Treatment International, which exists to provide specialist psychological interventions to victims of organized violence, such as torture, trafficking, slavery and political harassment anywhere in the world. Trauma Treatment International is unique organisation because they both support victims and the orgnisations that care for them. Trauma Treatment International brings together the expertise gained by several decades of work with traumatised populations in a range of geographical and political situations in conflict environments and stable settings.

Videos and Articles 

A Clinical Psychologist's Advice in coping following  large scale trauma  and terror attacks 

Dr Brock Chisholm has some advice for those present, their friends and families and those in any way saddened or triggered by mass trauma

Video: What actually is anxiety and how do you reduce it?

Anxiety is something that many people live with and have to conquer every day. Whether you suffer every so often in times of great stress or whether you feel crippled by it all the time, it can be debilitating. Luckily, there is help to be had. Psychologist Dr Brock Chisholm is here to explain some ways in which anxiety can be reduced.

VIDEO: Meet Dr Brock Chisholm 

A quick introduction is available here on YouTube

Video: How can trauma affect us & how can it be treated?

Dr Brock Chisholm speaks about what is considered a traumatic event, how trauma can affect us and what a psychologist can do to help you cope and recover from trauma.

VIDEO: Could you be Working for a Psychopath?

The word psychopath is thrown around a lot these days. For some, it’s how they describe their last Tinder date. Others use the term to apply only to serial killers or movie villains. But what actually is it that constitutes a psychopath?

The reality is a psychopath is not just one thing, but a series of traits and behaviours. Working or living with people with psychopathic traits can be traumatic and harrowing.  For example, you can be bullied at work. Not all of these traits are harmful, or even unwanted. As a psychologist, Dr Chisholm has worked with many victims of trauma and has also been trained to assess psychopathy.

Trauma and psychosis videos

Dr. Brock Chisholm explains some of the links between traumatic events and psychosis for mental

What is PTSD?

PTSD or psychosis? The possibility of mis-diagnosis

Trauma and psychosis

Treatment for PTSD

PTSD from psychosis

In the press

Dr Brock Chisholm in the Daily Mirror following terror attacks: Psychologists fear that those affected ­by recent tragedies may be in ­danger of suffering ­post-traumatic stress ­disorder and say discussing feelings is an important way of remedying shock

The Metro: How to identify psychological trauma after the Manchester attack

Dr Brock Chisholm as Expert Witness in case against CIA torture

UAE police accused of torture

Police Apologise to Women Who Had Relationships with Undercover Officers

Mental health care

Trauma and psychosis